Wood strips: what are they for?

Wood strips are essential pieces for any construction and are even used in many decorative works and also for billboards, among many other uses of this material.

In this post, we will tell you the main different characteristics of the strips and their different functionalities depending on the objective and the type of wood strip..

What are wood strips?

As we have said, wood strips are objects that are used on many occasions. They are platforms that are normally tend to be square or rectangular. The tone of the wood strip will depend on the type of wood that has been used and the type of varnish or paint, if one has been used.

As the colours vary, so do the shapes of the strips depending on the purpose we want to use them for.

Uses of wood strips

Wood strips have a wide variety of uses. The type of wood used to make these strips will, in large part, determine the use of the strip itself. The main uses of strips are::

  • Construction. We find different sizes of strips, both those that are used to separate walls or structures, which tend to be thicker, and those that are not so thick that are used as tracking for floors.
  • Union and support of structures. Some strips have the functionality of joining different structures together and creating greater support and resistance for these structures. In addition to joining, they also support the structures as well.
  • Furniture creation The main elements of shelves, tables and chairs are wooden strips. Depending on the type of furniture and whether it is for interior or exterior use, they will be treated in one way or another. But the end is the same: the creation of different types of furniture
  • Decoration. Strips are essential for any type of decoration we want for our home. There are infinite decoration options with wood strips that will give our house a more rustic air.

Different types of wood strips in Fustes Montgròs

At Fustes Montgròs, we have different types of wood strips depending on the type of wood from which they are made. Some of the types of wood that we have in the company are the following:

  • Pine wood
  • Solid pine wood
  • Galician pine wood
  • Spruce wood
  • Oak

We have different sizes in all the different types of wood, which allows us to adapt our products to the needs of our clients and achieve the quality products they want.