Què és el multilaminar i com es fabrica?

How many times have we heard the word plywood? Do we know what we are referring to when we talk about plywood? In this post we will explain what plywood is, its main characteristics and how it is manufactured. Don't miss a detail and read on!

What is plywood?

Plywood is a board formed by a set of thin layers. These layers are glued together to form a single board. This material, resulting from the gluing technique, is also known by other names such as: plyboard, laminate, triplay or veneer plywood.

This technique is carried out to achieve greater balance and stability thanks, in part, to the symmetry that is achieved. The laminate material will be determined such that all the sheets are of the same wood and, therefore, achieve the symmetry and stability sought.

The different layers of wood are combined with a process of pressure and heat that causes the materials of the different layers to join together and become the final multilaminated object. It also has greater stability with respect to a solid wood strip.

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How is plywood manufactured? 

Plywood has helped the building and construction of different homes. Currently, it is also used to manufacture different types of boards, such as in the manufacture of skateboards.

Laminated wood materials are a replacement for solid wood. Laminate offers greater stability as well as elasticity. Depending on how the thin wood sheets are laid, the resistance of the wooden platform and the final object will be multiplied, to give a result that is much better than solid wood.

But how is this laminate actually made? The process is made up of different phases:

  • The logs are mounted on a machine that spins them.
  • The trunks are cut and the thin sheets are obtained.
  • The leaves are cut to the required measurement.
  • Next, the wood sheet is perfected.
  • The different sheets are glued under pressure and at 140° C.