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Fustes Montgròs, experts in carpentry

Fustes Montgròs is a family business founded in 1942 that has a long tradition in all types of carpentry materials. It is located in the industrial estate of Sant Pere Molanta, very close to Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona), with facilities of 15000m2. It is currently in the hands of the third generation of this family that is dedicated to timber.

Nowadays, it has 22 workers in its workforce, turning it into a leading timber company in its sector.

What is the carpentry trade based on?

Carpentry is a profession centred on workshops where wood and its derivatives are worked. The main objective is to change the physical form of the raw material of the wood to create useful objects, which can range from home furniture, door frames, mouldings and toys to desks and bookcases.

Carpentry is one of the oldest professions that exists, so in each culture and religion we find different tools and ways of working.

What carpentry services do we find in Fustes Montgròs? 

In Fustes Montgròs we work with high quality materials that allow us to achieve the desired results for our customers. Our production techniques and processes are innovative and state of the art. In general, Fustes Montgòs offers:

  • Wide variety of supplies of carpentry and decorative materials.
  • Cutting and machining of products.
  • We advise in a personalised way to find the best option for each customer.
  • Fustes Montgròs belongs to AGRUMACA, an association formed by seven companies dedicated to the distribution and import of carpentry products and their derivatives.

Types of wood used in our carpentry

We find many types of wood, everything varies depending on the tree and depending on the type of treatment and the processes it receives.

Wood is perfectly suitable for different uses thanks to properties such as longevity, robustness and resistance, capable of supporting significant weight.

With wood you can make floors, walls, ceilings and all kinds of furniture, as well as the most varied decoration.

The current market offers two different types of wood, softwood and hardwood.

* Soft woods include cedar, spruce and pine.
* Hardwoods include cherry, beech, walnut, mahogany, oak, olive and elm.

According to our needs and tastes, we will have to choose between the different types of wood and colours, in relation to the type of furniture or space we want to create.

The main varieties of wood that we work with in Fustes Montgròs are:

  • Spruce: It is the most common type of wood in Central and Eastern Europe. With this type of material, furniture, musical instruments, doors and windows can be manufactured. This is a very easy material to work because it resists moisture
  • Pine: Pine is one of the easiest materials to work, like other varieties that are relatively soft, widely used in construction. Currently, it is one of the varieties of wood most used by carpentry professionals. In Fustes Montgròs, we work with solid pine and Galician pine, with which we can make different products.
  • Oak: Oak can be found in red and white. It is very common in our country and especially famous for its robustness. This type of wood is difficult to work because of its hardness, but it is very beautiful aesthetically. These characteristics make its price higher than other varieties. It is generally used for the manufacture of floors, wall coverings and also for luxurious furniture.

In Fustes Montgròs we are experts in the supply of carpentry finishes. Our services range from the cutting and machining of the material, to the shape, finish and final result that our clients commission from us. We always work with high quality materials and offer a personalised service to each of our clients.

We can help your project take shape, since we are highly committed when it comes to delivery dates and we work with great versatility as carpenters.

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