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What types of wood can we find and what uses does each have?

First of all, we already know that there are many types of wood on the market; their different uses depend on the tree and the type of treatment and processes it receives. 

Wood can be used for different purposes thanks to its strength, longevity and robustness that allows it to support considerable weights. 

In general, with wood you can create floors, walls and ceilings. In addition, for the construction of furniture such as classic shelves, cabinets, doors, beds, tables, kitchen structures and bathroom furniture, without forgetting decorative elements.  

Currently, almost all the wood we can find on the market is made of cellulose fibres: a carbohydrate that functions as a cell structure. Each type of wood can have different characteristics. 

Woods are classified as softwoods or hardwoods. In addition to this classification, we can choose according to our own needs, tastes and the type of furniture we want, according to colour, knots and veins.

Do you know what type of wood has the best characteristics for your needs? We present them to you below: 

Type of wood we find on the market

Among the most used types of wood are: 

  • PINE: it is one of the woods that we find most on the market, since it offers superior quality and is easy to work, as it usually has a uniform texture. It offers multiple uses both in cabinetmaking and construction. Its advantage is that it is a very cheap wood. It is commonly used to make panels, furniture and mouldings. 
  • SPRUCE it is a type of wood present in Central and Eastern Europe, therefore, it is quite common to find it in Spain. It is an easy wood to work, with a light, white-yellowish tone. It is used to make furniture, musical instruments, doors and windows. It is also  very common in the construction sector since it is one of the woods with the greatest resistance to moisture. 
  • WALNUT walnut is one of the most beautiful types of wood. Its colour is almost reddish dark brown and it is usually used to make furniture, floors and walls, since it is very decorative.  It is a very hard and compact material which is resistant to bumps and cracks.  It is usually used for the external parts of luxury furniture such as doors, cabinets, ornaments or turned elements in general. 
  • OAK: this wood is characterised by its hardness and strength; it can be red or white. It is quite expensive, because this tree takes a long time to grow, but very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is normally used for the manufacture of floors, wall coverings and luxury furniture. 
  • MAHOGANY: this type of wood has a tone that varies from reddish brown to dark red. It is especially resistant to insect attack. It is easy to work and with it you can build decorative elements, furniture and interior elements such as doors. 
  • TEAK: this wood tends to be a uniform honey colour, but in the light it darkens slightly, ending up a very beautiful brown tone. It is very resistant to rot and insects and its smooth texture makes it easy to work. It is perfect for load-bearing structures, as it is very solid.
  • CEDAR: the most common variety is the western red. This type of wood is very smooth and has a slightly aromatic smell. Normally it is used to make outdoor furniture, since it can endure very humid environments. It is not excessively expensive when you take into account its robustness. It is excellent for garden furniture. 

Wood derivatives

Other types of wood, and an economical alternative for making furniture, are panels made with shavings, bark and other types of fibres derived from wood. 

  • Plywood: characterised by five glued and pressed wood veneers. For kitchen and bathroom furniture they are usually coated with PVC for greater impermeability. 
  • Agglomerates: they are made of carpentry leftovers. Although they are heavy, with a vast and porous texture, they are very easy to work. They are often coated with melamine.  
  • Medium density panels or MDF: these are also made with pressed wood fibres bonded with glue. It weighs less than the agglomerates and has a more uniform exterior. For this reason, they are ideal for lacquering and painting. 

At Fustes Montgròs you will find all the types of wood you need

Fustes Montgòs are specialists in supply and decoration in carpentry. We offer cutting and machining services, to obtain the shape, finish and final result that our customers need. 
We have high quality materials, and focus on providing a specialised and personalised service for every client. In Catalonia, we have a group formed by five stores to bring wood from the Baltic States. We have first generation machinery to be able to edge and machine the wood, optimising the production system. 

Do you need material in custom sizes? Get in touch with us and tell us your specific needs. The Fustes Montgròs team will help and advise you.