Wood is the material lands more comfortable, beautiful and versatile exist. That is why a Kährs wood floor is always the perfect choice. 

Kährs is a Swedish manufacturer of wooden floors the world's oldest still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857.
A Kährs floor resists deformation, cracks, as well as temperature and humidity change in all seasons.
Whatever the treatment of surface you choose for your Kährs floor, rest assured that protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

All Kährs surface treatments are of course free from solvents and formaldehyde. They also make it very easy to clean and maintain.

Brushing, scraping hand beveled, silky smooth and refine each plank Kährs is unique and is treated individually according to their own unique composition.

The result is a surface that becomes dynamic in different lights depending from what angle you see. A Kährs floor never ceases to amaze and feed your senses!

Whatever the size or style of the room interior, there is a Kährs floor space will improve. Our wood floors are manufactured in many wood species, sizes, designs and finishes.