Fustes Montgròs, the leading timber company.

The timber company Fustes Montgròs was founded in 1942 by Josep Rovira Reventós. In 1992 the company moved to the industrial estate of Sant Pere Molanta, next to Vilafranca del Penedès, offering the same services in sale and production of wood.

This timber company has over 15,000 m2 of production facilities and, currently, it is in the hands of the third generation of this family that has always been dedicated to the wood sector. Currently, the company Fustes Montgròs has 22 employees in its workforce, making it the leading timber company in the sector.

Fustes Montgros Services

Fustes Montgròs is specialised in supply and decoration in carpentry. They offer material cutting and machining services to obtain the shape, the finish and the final result wanted by the customer. This company offers high quality services and materials, with the focus on a specialised and personalised service for each client.

The timber company Fustes Montgròs began as a forestry company dedicated to felling timber throughout the peninsula. It had sawmills in Vilafranca del Penedès and in Barcelona, mainly supplying wood for the construction sector.


Over the years, wood was imported from the Baltic Countries; a group formed by five warehouses in Catalonia was created to bring boats with wood from these countries.

Gradually the company grew and evolved, bringing more materials made of wood such as boards, doors and parquet. In addition, first generation machinery was incorporated for cutting, edging and machining the wood and in the production system.

Currently, the timber company Fustes Montgròs is in constant evolution, researching the market and incorporating new products that adapt to the needs of the current market..

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