What is Avonite Solid Surface?

Avonite Surface is a material that is widely used today to manufacture all types of decoration, both exterior and interior. This material is the result of a mixture of polyester resin with homogeneous solids of mineral composition that give it characteristics of translucency and whiteness.

It is a high quality material used by designers and decorators to manufacture stylish decorative pieces, such as: bathtubs, shower trays and worktops, amongst many others.

Avonite Surface allows for the creation of modern and good quality designs, and what's more, the material has a great beauty which means the final results are uniform and pleasing to the eye. This material brings a touch of modernity and elegance to any environment that will give you a feeling of comfort merely by looking at it.

Main features Avonite

Avonite is a special and unique material with exclusive and outstanding features::

  • It is not a porous material, smooth touch
  • It has no gel on the outside or inside
  • It is a resistant, durable and non-slip material
  • Resistant to stains, mould and bacteria
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low emission production
  • Customisable since it is easy to pigment
  • It can be repaired and worked with DIY tools and processes

Avonite catalogues

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Avonite Studio

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Avonite Catalog

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Avonite Brochure

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Why Avonite Surfaces?

Avonite Surfaces will provide you with a new and modern design and image. The material is of high quality and enables polished and perfect finishes in all the products that are manufactured with this material.

Being a mixture of different materials, you get an elegance, modernity, design and quality that are not seen in other products manufactured with more common materials, such as marble, ceramics or steel.

If you need more information about Avonite Surfaces material, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals and we will tell you everything you need to know.